Beach Club

An oasis of tranquility, a setting where you can immerse yourself in luxury, comfort and excellent service.

Tropical breezes will cool you, as you enjoy our spacious and peaceful surroundings with amazing views of the azure blue sea. Ocean Oasis evokes an exclusive yet relaxed atmosphere with flawless and friendly service.

Wake up with us at 9 am with a delicious breakfast, be surprised by a delightful lunch in the beach club, relax all day on a lounge bed or simply enjoy the beautiful sunset in a cabana with a great wine.

Enjoy, experience and be surprised!

Enjoy the simplest to the most exclusive dishes. Reserve your table for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the shady restaurant section.

ocean oasis

The terrace offers the perfect lounge area, with comfortable sofas, beanbags, and low set tables.  Our trellis area occasionally lets some sunrays through, making it the perfect location to relax and chat with your loved ones.

Read a book, suntan or simply relax on our pearl-white sandy beach decorated with stylish sunbeds & cabanas.